Training & Development

In times when technology is de-skilling 75% of the population especially for countries which are in the threshold of development, Training is necessary for the individual development and progress of the organization. There are data which speaks that out of the available pool of talent only 20 % fit the expectation of the job. When we speak about holistic development we have to focus on both Technical as well as Behavioural training.

Training or rather learning and development which is more appropriate phrase is also a very powerful motivational tool.”Money” is not the sole motivator in the 21st century. People who work with organization seek more than just employment! They look at holistic development of self. Behavioural training plays a key role in bringing about “self awareness”. This is a pivotal factor in self development which triggers organizational development.

At 7oves.comwe provides full outsourced L&D solutions for the entire company, individual business units. We take a holistic approach including the following process:-

  • Enquire and study more to link the training to the specific need
  • Set the objective and design the input
  • Impart the training
  • Help the organization raise the performance to the next level
  • Set a feedback and progress approach for learning environment

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